Saturday, 15 February 2014

A bit of a catch up...

I've been really busy recently, and time just seems to have evaporated recently.

Christmas thundered into site and disappeared in a carbohydrate based cloud of smoke as usual, but this year was a fair bit easier than previously.  The pump made a huge difference and certainly evened things out, although I did see a '14' reading at one point.  This christmas I made a point of ripping off the nutritional info labels from anything that was going to take a few days to eat, only to find that they'd ended up in the bin along with the mountain of other festive related rubbish!  Sometime best intentions don't quite work out!  Anyway, overall I'd say that it was a successful festive season from a blood sugar point of view, as well as the general fun that was had.

Bad Insulin
I think I've had a bad vail of insulin recently.  Some unexpected and pretty much unexplainable high readings suggested something was amiss and I did the usual changing of infusion sets, but high readings remained.  In the end I binned the vial, started a new one and normal service was resumed.  Another lesson learnt!

More airports.
Airport security are improving their hit rate!  Think it's been 6 trips through the security since the last time I mentioned this and out of those 6 I've had one random search, so another explosives swab for the pump.  Travelling with the pump real has been a breeze and the airports all seem to know what they are and are sensitive to them.  No issues yet, but I'm hitting the sky again next week, but this time through London City Airport whose security is really, really tight.  I'm expecting it to be found this time!

I'm still very, very happy with the pump and still wouldn't be without it :o)

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