Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day Eleven


I see bubbles, well, more specifically one bubble and I'm not sure how it got there.
How did that get there?
Anyway, it was easy enough to get rid of by some strategic tapping and running the 'Prime Infusion Set' routine on the pump.  It kind of satisfying watching the air work it's way along the infusion set tube.

Levels have been good today, ranging from a low of 4.3 to a high of 9.2 after eating.  Average so far today is 6.1.  I'm happy with that!

In a bit I'm off to another gig, and will be stuffing as much as I can in my jeans pockets, which won't be easy.  I think I'll seek out some cargo style trousers at some point - plenty of pockets!

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