Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day Twelve

Another day, another bunch of questions, mostly the same ones, but I did have a new one which was asking about the cannula sites.  They asked if it stays in the same place forever.  of course, it doesn't so I explained about how it has to be replaced every three days and you can't reuse the site, so you move it to somewhere else.  This sparked a bit of confusion and led to the statement 'but you'll run out of places to put it!'.  Ahh, perhaps I didn't quite explain that one properly!  The inquisitor was then told that you move it around and you do re-use site, but not immediately.

People still seem to think that I'm now massively hindered in my day to day life because of the pump, so to prove them wrong I'll be going to physio for a knackered back in a bit, with the pump attached and later will be playing badminton for a couple of hours.  I must remember to crank down the basal rate for that later - I think 35% less as a 'see what happens' value.

But, what to do with the pump whilst I'm playing?  Well, luckily I have a pair of shorts that have a small pocket in the back.  They're running shorts really and the pocket is really designed for keys, cash, small mp3 player, etc. but it just happens to be the perfect size for my pump.
Does my pump look big in this?

OK, it sticks out a bit, but who cares?  I certainly don't.  I just hope it doesn't move about too much.  There's only one way to find out!

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