Tuesday, 22 October 2013

We are not alone

Life continues with the pump and it's been a constant companion.  I don't find it annoying  at all, instead it feels somewhat comforting - always there, doing it's thing....

Generally levels have been god, except the last couple of days when they seem to be slightly on the higher side.  This seemed to coincide with the last cartridge change, but everything seems to be working fine, I'm just slightly high.  More investigations I think!

I was slightly surprised to see someone on the train the other day with a pump - he had it on his belt in exactly the same place as I do.  I felt like a right plum, but I kept staring at it.  Not sure he noticed mine.  I found it quite fascinating to see another pumper out 'in the wild'.

Had a 'diabetes check' with the GP practice nurse.  This came about due to the massive confusion that me changing my prescription to 'vials' from pen cartridges.  I suspect that she may have never seen a pump before as she was certainly intrigued by it, what it does and how it does it.  There were a few questions I didn't expect such as 'so how often do you use Lantus now'.  Erm never, unless the pump breaks.  The constant drip, drip of basal seemed to baffle my audience for a bit, so I took the pump out and said 'at the moment it's giving me 0.95 units per hour as a basal dose'.  The reply was a bit odd.  'Is that normal for you?'.  Errrr, well it is now, for this particular hour of the day unless I'm running a Temporary Basal Rate.  I reminded her that I gave one big lump of Lantus every 24 hours before, certainly not giving precise fractions of a unit hourly with a pen!

This week is a but full-on at work, but I've got next week off and it's nice not to have the faff of injections, enables me to carry on working for an extra few minutes - not sure that's a good thing.

There is another good thing that's happened as a result of going on the pump.  I seem to have managed to lose a bit of weight, which I put down to eating less, 'cos I'm not going low.


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