Friday, 4 October 2013

Day Thirteen

Day thirteen,unlucky for some....  Not sure if it is for me, but then I'm not thinking straight as I'm doing a 12 noon to 10pm fasting session to assist with getting my Basal levels dialled in.

All I can think about at the moment is food!

Anyway, an update on badminton & having the pump in the 'mp3' pocket in the shorts.  It was all fine, the pump didn't bounce about, nobody noticed it was there (or if they did they didn't mention it) and there were no dramas.  A TBR of -40% was used in the end and it seemed to be just about right, so I'll try it again on Sunday when I have a badminton match to play.


I've had another look at the stats and I'm pretty chuffed with what I see

The trend (the black line) has come down and appears to beginning to stay down.  The spike on 30th September was, I think, due to a cannula giving up on being useful, but all other days look good to me.  If it wasn't for that happening, I'm pretty sure that the trend line would be firmly planted towards the bottom end of the target range.

my multitude of BG tests each day are falling within a narrower range and, interestingly, my previously normal morning BG increase seems to have gone.  Meal rises are also now much, much reduced, which I think is partly (possibly mainly) due to being able to use MultiWave and Extended Bolus.

A varied weekend awaits me, including a midnight to Midday fast tomorrow, I guess I'll just have to stuff my face at 10pm!!

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