Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day Eight

Today started with good levels and the remained good all day, including when going for a 25 mile bike ride whilst running a 50% Temporary Basal Rate, so it's looks like I'm close to getting my levels dialled in.  Time to look at the stats...

Yes, that's a fairly complex looking graph, but it's really quite interesting once you work out what's going on.

The vertical red line, I've added as that's when insulin went into the pump.  The green band is what my target range is currently set to (6-8), the little x's are BG readings and the dark horizontalish line amongst them is the trended average.  As you can see, it's on the way down :o)

So, how has it been being attached to the pump all the time?  Well, it's been fine.  I haven't found it annoying yet and in some ways it's been slightly comforting having it.  It's been to work, the daily commute (2 bike rides and one train each way) a lively gig, a charity quiz night, a mountain bike ride and a road ride and even the dentist.  In all these situations I've had no issues at all.  Next week it gets treated to a physio session, badminton and another gig :o)

I think the pump is brilliant and wouldn't want to be without it now

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