Saturday, 21 September 2013

One day in...

It's been nearly 24 hours since I received my pump, thoughts so far...

Where to put the pump?  Well, don't know really, just a case of trying different places.  It's been most frequently on the belt clip at the moment, this was me at work earlier

My biggest fear, well the only one really, was what would I do with it at night and I'm still not sure.  Last night, I used the waist strap that came with the pump and it seemed OK.  Was I aware of it being there?  Yes, but it wasn't uncomfortable and didn't really 'get in the way'.  I'm pretty sure I slept on it at some point.  The cannula stayed put, nothing was pulled out.  Here's a picture of the pump on the waist strap - it's not going to be winning any fashion awards.
No, that's not me in the photo

First impressions on the meter - it's bloody good.  The bolus calculator is great - no more sums - test blood, enter carbs and the meter does the rest.  It'll be even better from Tuesday when the pump is delivering insulin.  The meter also has some nice graphs and lots of info on what it, you and the pump have been up to.

The screen itself isn't anything like as good as , say, Apple's Retina screen, but it's clearly legible and does the job well.
The only thing the meter is missing, is a nice blue light.  Blue lights make anything awesome ;o)

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