Saturday, 21 September 2013

Getting the pump

Yesterday I got my pump, an Accu-Chek Combo.  It came in a big box with a bewildering array of manuals and ancillary bits.  There was me thinking there'd be a lot less kit, I'm going have to rethink where to store it all now!

20th September 2013 by -Cheesyfeet-
20th September 2013, a photo by -Cheesyfeet- on Flickr.
I spent 2 hours at the hospital getting shown round the basics to get the pump and meter up and running.  I'll be 'using' the pump, but with no insulin in it until Tuesday morning when I go back for more training, so for now I'm attached to the pump, but still administering insulin via pens.  This gives me time to get used to the way it all works without the risk of cocking up on insulin delivery.

You can read all about the Combo via the link above, but it really does seem to be a very good set up.  The meter talks to the pump wirelessly, so you can do everything without getting the pump out.  It was slightly daunting at first, but everything is straight forward , and me reading some of the manuals before I got the pump certainly helped.

Walking out of the hospital with the pump attached and am arm full of everything else, it certainly felt like things were going to change.

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