Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day two

The pump was taken out in public yesterday, to a wedding reception, which involved the usual dancing and general tomfoolery that wedding receptions require.  I was aware that I had the pump with me, but it didn't get in the way and I forgot about it for much of the time.  I had the pump in the belt clip, it stayed where it was put and I don't think anyone else noticed it was there, despite the infusion tube hanging out from under my shirt a few times.

I reckon that's a pass.

I've been impressed with the Bolus calculator on the meter and used the recommendations it  makes for units of fast acting insulin and injecting it with a pen (no insulin in the pump yet, that happens on Tuesday).  All was going well, but then I found myself having a hypo.  I was a bit perplexed, but a bit later sussed out what had gone wrong.  The pump hadn't had any basal data entered into it, so it rightly assumed that I had no insulin in me.  Trouble was I did as I'd had my long acting injection as usual, so a hypo was inevitable.  Technology is great and the Combo system is impressive, it's downfall is that it was given to me and my stupidity!  A hypo shortly before going to a wedding reception, hardly ideal, but that's all part of the deal for a T1.

Today has been spent playing with the Combo and getting to grips with what it can do and how to do it whilst it's not loaded with insulin.
 If's there's one thing Accu-Chek like, it's documentation,  I reckon there's at least about 1,080 pages of the stuff!

I've been learning how the different Bolus modes (Standard, Extended and Multiwave) work as well as how the Basal works.  I think I now know the reason that DG tests 'every two hours for 24 hours' was mentioned.  Can't say I'm looking forward to that!

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