Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day Five

The first night on a 'live' pump last night and it's a revelation.  Had to do a 2am test - 4.6 was the number.  Normally I'd think 'hmmm, that's a bit on the low side', but threw caution to the wind and just went back to bed.  06:30 hours and a test reveals 4.5.  Now that has never happened before, I was usually going slightly high in the mornings.  I'm impressed.

More training and a run through of the differences between Standard, Extended and Multiwave Bolus as well as Temporary Basal Rates (TBRs) Interesting stuff.  I think I've understood it all and will be put putting it into practice later in the day.

My copy of Accu-Chek 360 arrived today, so that was duly installed and the infrared USB reader doodah connected.  I have my blue light now :o)

I gave the software a quick run through and it all seems pretty straight forward and gives loads of data & graphs, etc.  I can see me using this quite a lot.
The nice people at Accu-Chek are also sending a copy of the configuration app as well, which will make changing pump settings nice and easy.

I also headed out on the bike for a couple of hours this evening, and following the advice I was given earlier started a TBR of 50% 1 hour before I went out until 1 hour after my return. Before I started the ride I was 7.5.  Previously I'd have had something to eat to 'top myself up' and invariably I'd get back after a couple of hours at around 5 or lower.  Not today.  Today I just started the ride, tested myself about half way (6.7) and as I finished, tested again and was 6.9.  Awesome - TBR's work!

Just got to see what happens tonight now, another 2am test awaits.....

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